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Indus Net Academy offers a flexible and easy to use solution for the learners in form of CDs. Now you can learn your dream subjects like Web Design, DTP and Multimedia, Animation, MS Office and others without visiting an institute. You may be wondering how this is possible? How can a human teacher be replaced by a CD ROM. Go through the details of our product features. You will find your answer.

Key Features

Well Researched Content

You probably have heard the famous phrase “The Content is The King” If you get a solid well researched content for any subject then your half of the work is done. In our CBTs we provide elaborate content for each subjects explained in an easy-to-understand way in simple lucid language so that every one can understand. We have not covered the topics superficially as you may find in many learning CDs. We have gone to the depth and presented you the best of the materials, researched by the Technical Experts for each and every subject.The complicated concepts have been explained in such a way that you will not feel that you are learning some complex things which many people are afraid of. You will also get a running text on what ever you are hearing in Voice Over so that your sense organs like Eye and Ear work in perfect coordination and you can concentrate more on the subject.

Video Demonstration

Just close your eyes and think of a classroom. The teacher sits on a computer and performs some actions and explains it verbally. If he would have just given the lectures instead of performing on his own you might not have got the entire overview. In our CBT with the voice over you will find the video demonstration which will help of understand the subject better. The step by step demonstration will let you go into the details of the subject. The high level of interactivity will help you to move forward and backward so that you can repeatedly play a portion to see it over and again.

Try Your Self

A Learning process is never completed untill you practice the learnt lessons. Once you do a hands on practice you will not only understand the subject better but also it will boost up your self confidence. In our CD we have provided a virtual platform of the software which you are learning so that you can practice after you see the video demonstration. As you are learning the subject for the first time you may go wrong while practicing. In a classroom a teacher points out your mistake and shows the right approach. In the CBT our virtual teacher will sense your mistake and immediately guide you to the right direction. As a result you can never go wrong. Even if you don’t have the software installed in your computer you can practice the subject through this virtual platform. Sounds Impossible????? Try it once… You will believe it


Self evaluation is very important to judge how much you have mastered the subject.In our learning CDs you will find more than 100 multiple choice questions. You have to choose the correct answer from the 4 options provided. Apart from this you will get questions like Fill in The Blanks, Match the Pair, True or False etc. If you cant find the answer of a particular question you can click the Answer button to get it solved. The total marks obtained at the end of the quiz session will tell you how much you have learnt.


There are few queries that strikes everyones mind while learning a subject. These are known as FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions. In our CBTs you will find a collection of FAQ with proper answer. Still if you have any query left just send us a mail with your queries. You will get your doubt solved within 24 hrs.


At times you may need to know the meaning or the definition of a particular keyword related to the subject. You have no idea in which section it appears. Don’t find yourself at a loss. All you have to do is open our glossary section and type the keyword. Then press the search button. The definition of the keyword will appear in the computer screen in a flash. If the definition contains any other keyword you can click on that and find the meaning.

Online Examination

Your learning gets accredition if you receive a certificate. With our online examination facility you can appear for the test and on successful completion you can receive a certificate from our end. This will certify you that you know the subject well and you can place this during your interview as an added qualification. So from Learning to Exam to Certification all you can do at home.

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