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Magento is a professional open-source ecommerce solution with extraordinary flexibility and controls. Magento was designed with the idea that all ecommerce execution has to be exclusive since no two businesses are similar. This course provides a strong introduction to Magentos’ templating system and best practices. Class time combines lectures, guided examples and hands-on lab exercises. Students will understand the fundamentals of Magentos’ templating system and learn how Magento themes work and all the components of a theme, especially layouts, page templates and block templates.

Eligibility Criteria

Basic knowledge in PHP/MySql.

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Course Outline (Module wise)

Module 1

  • Ecommerce Concept and Introduction to Magento
  • What is e-commerce?
  • Ecommerce is a concept where online monetary transactions involved. People can buy or sell goods through internet.

Module 2

  • Introduction of Magento
  • What is Magento ?
  • At this moment Magento is a top e-commerce site used worldwide. It has all the basic and advance features which an e-commerce package should have.
  • How to install Magento
  • Steps to install Magento and Minimum requirement of Installation
  • Front end over view
  • Home page, category listing, product listing, product details, cart page, checkout page, my account section, Guest and registered user
  • Backend Over view
  • Magneto backend catalog, category, shopping cart rules, order, customer manage, configuration etc

Module 3

  • In depth knowledge of magento back end and front end features
  • Catalog Concept, Category Creation
  • Different types of product in Magento
  • Category – product configuration
  • How to create tax rules
  • Shopping cart price rules, Product price rules
  • Import/export
  • Configuration like country set, currency set, locale set, url set etc.
  • Static blocks, Cms pages
  • Multiple Website, store, store view concept

Module 4

Theme integration
  • Magneto design Terminologies
  • Website and stores, Interface, themes and block
  • Working with Magento themes
  • Building your theme and Intro to Layout

Module 5

  • Concept of MVC and Database modeling
  • Magento Architecture Model, View, Controller concept
  • Database structure
  • Concept of Framework
Magento Core modules overview
  • Different modules and there uses e.g. Catalog, Checkout, Sales etc.
Magento Architecture
  • Code pools, Module packages, Controller, model, block
  • Helpers concept. Magento request cycle. Front controller, Routers and actions

Module 6

Database Design
  • Resource and database connection
  • EAV model
  • Entities and Entity Attributes
  • Collections
  • Why need custom module
  • Custom module creation and integration

Module 7

  • Building a Custom module (Brand Add)
  • Featured Product Module

Module 8

  • Building new Payment gateway module
  • Banner Management module

Module 9

  • Controller,Model,Block override using custom module
  • Ajax add to cart module

Module 10

  • Real Life Project

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