Useful tips to manage your Time

I did a year long management course quite sometime back and there I had a session on Time Management, given by the Instructor. Suddenly yesterday I got those notes written in one of the pads which I was shuffling through. I thought it worth for a posting and wish these useful tips will surely be of help to all who wants to manage there time .”

When instructions are given, listen well and carefully for the first time.
It’s easy to not listen when you know the deadline is far off in the future. But when that deadline gets closer, are you going to remember every detail? You don’t want to have to find all that information again.

Learn to say no. Obviously, you can’t say no to a teacher when given an assignment. But otherwise, if someone asks you to do something, it’s okay to say no.

Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking isn’t always your friend; it leads to distractions and you don’t work as efficiently. By focusing and getting things done, you accomplish more.

Organize your life. Spending 30 minutes looking for something is a wasted use of time. Get rid of everything you don’t need, want, or like, and then group common things together. Also, this saves you money, so you don’t have to “rebuy” things you can’t find.

Do away with unnecessary correspondence. Cut back on checking your e-mail, messaging on your phone, or IMing.

Set goals. Break big goals up into smaller goals, and knock them out one at a time.

Use a calendar. Make sure it’s a portable calendar, and take it everywhere with you. Use a pencil.

Make a to-do list. Every little thing you have to do, write it down. You will forget, otherwise. Find days to add those to-do items on your calendar, and do them.

Have a plan & follow it each day. It takes 21 consecutive days to change a habit.

Finally I would like to add a tip of mine which I personally follow in my daily life. Knowledge: The more you learn, the more efficient you become .”