Pre website design steps

There are a few key steps to consider before building a first class website. Steps that actually precede working with a web designer. The steps are not difficult but are very important in the process of creating a website together. We can help you with this process.

First, you must think about why your business needs a website and the audience it will target.

Determine what topics or information your website should contain. This could be product information, contact information, special pricing or pages of photographs.

What will appeal to your target audience?

Set the goals of your website. Do you wish to sell products online and/or offer customer support? Or maybe you may want to display your products and/or services?

Take a look at what resources you and/or your staff can devote to your website. You may want to assign a webmaster or webmaster’s assistant to help oversee the project. This should be someone within your company who can work to gather information and ideas, not only at the beginning of the project but on an ongoing basis. They do not need not know the Internet or web design but should know your business.

We will research your domain name request and, if available, register that name for you. You will want your domain name to represent your business and be easy to remember. Which name would be the best is up to you. Your choice may also depend on which name is available.

Once you have completed this process you will have a clear and feasible plan for your website. Following your free consultation with Indus Net Technologies, you will be well on your way to making your presence known on the World Wide Web.

The experience of developing a website is painless, even if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the Internet. We will take your information and goals and come back with our design suggestions. We will work with you as a team. Let’s get started! Contact us to set up an appointment or for any additional information you may need.