Points to remember to be a Happy Employee!

It is almost impossible to find people who are both happy and satisfied on a daily basis in his/her workplace. But being happy or unhappy is always in our hands.

Lets look at the happy person where an employee is more productive than an unhappy one. I have tried to point out some easy factors we can account for being happy.

1. Plan your week on Sunday Night.

2. Try your hands on and be passionate about works which sometimes does not match your job profile.

3. Do not involve in blaming others.

4. Participate in organization-level activities.

5. Keep a hobby that keeps you happy, engaged and enthusiastic.

6. Stay away from Office Politics.

7. Know what is happening around you.

8. Communicate more often in person rather than chats, sms and phones.

9. Wish and try to smile.

10. Last but not the least, be proactive and try to take on responsibilities.

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