Warzone Mumbai : 26/11

int_blog_academy,  Saturday, November 29th, 2008

In what is turning out to be India’s longest battle against terror, gunshots and explosions at Mumbai’s Nariman House, The Taj and The Oberoi continued to make headlines. Its been nearly 33 hours and the final verdict is almost ready to come out that ‘we are in control.’ But finally after about 60 hours of pain and horror the fierce battle ended in Mumbai.

I myself as all INDIANS have been closely going through the media sources, the videos and television updates and is terrified and feeling unsecured about the way things have been going on. Here are a collection of never before seen pictures of the terror attack and the efforts of the Indian Army, Commandos,  and all security personnel involved in controlling the situation.

Sources: Bharat Rakshak (Consortium of Indian Defence Websites)
Sources: Bharat Rakshak (Consortium of Indian Defence Websites)

Get ready for the 5 new innovations from IBM

int_blog_academy,  Friday, November 28th, 2008

IBM recently has been defining or advertising themselves through a TV commercial, where they are determined to innovate new concepts, methodes, procedures and more….

Check for yourself the 5 amazing innovations going to come.

Catchy Online Advertisements

int_blog_academy,  Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I had been surfing my way through the vast world of internet and I thought I’d take a bit of a change from the regular showcases, web design tutorials and/or reference articles for one post and go through just some online advertising I really felt good about.
I hope that these ads will inspire you to think a little bit outside the box; because that is what makes them so appealing and interesting to me.

Bandaid – Sweat Proof

It’s trying to portray that Bandaid’s are so sweat-proof that they can be used for an undercover microphone been fitted on a program coordinators body.

Olympus Zoom

Its trying to portray the world famous binoculars from Olympus and specially the ZOOM factor, which is so good, and the object you are viewing appears to be right before your eyes or on the binoculars!

Surf-sparkling white

Surf leaves your whites looking so white that you can be used as a X-Ray light screen and save your hospital electricity bills!

Pedestrian Council of Australia-Dont Speed

The crossing itself has become the jail cell for the ‘pedestrian’ – who we can only imagine has ran over someone whilst speeding and as a result of his actions, has been sentenced. This obviously is more of a concept rather than a real case – but is a reality of what is possible if you break the traffic rules and speed off!

Project Management: Heads & Tails

int_blog_academy,  Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

What is Project Management?
Defining simply, project management is the discipline of planning, leading, monitoring and organizing a team and resources in order to effectively bring about the successful completion of a project based on predefined budget, time, quality, scope and resources allocated.

What is the project management life cycle?
There are generally four stages of the project management life cycle. These include Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project execution and control, and Project closure.  There can be more detailed breakups but I thought to just putting these up for every one related which will provide a clear definition and the process involved.

As I get more relative resource I’ll keep adding renowned theories of management gurus.

Behind the scenes for Web Design: Template Monster

int_blog_academy,  Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Web Designers always had a great affection for Template Monster and there Website Designs.  Here I’ve found a cool video for all you designers to see what actually goes on behind the scenes before a new web site design is developed and the effort put on.

Dreamspark: Sparkling a Billion Dreams

int_blog_academy,  Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Microsoft unveils DREAMSPARK, a resource which can be of immense help to Students, professionals, developers who wish to work in the software environment developed by Microsoft. An adequate knowledge base for designers and software developers, looking to unleash the best of knowledge for a great future.

One can download sofwares, collect sofware DVDs, play simple online quizes and win cool prizes, create your own Graphiti Wall and lots more…..

What is IMAX

int_blog_academy,  Friday, November 21st, 2008


In IMAX  the audiences feel like they are part of the action due to the specially designed theatres, breathtaking, crystal clear images projected onto giant screens and exhilarating sound from state-of-the-art digital sound systems.

In 2008, IMAX will launch its new digital projection system. The new system is designed to create the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience in a digital format. The new system will integrate a suite of proprietary IMAX technologies with dual digital projectors, multi-channel digital surround sound and IMAX’s world-famous theatre geometry that puts you IN the movie. The system will deliver the superior cinematic experience that IMAX moviegoers have come to recognize and enjoy, with stunningly crisp and bright images, as well as crystal clear surround sound, in both 2D and IMAX 3D.

Unlike conventional theatre sound systems, IMAX digital surround sound systems deliver multi-channel, uncompressed, full fidelity sound that is simply unsurpassed in depth and clarity. IMAX’s amplifiers generate up to 14,000 watts of power, not volume, to provide the audience with life-like sound. IMAX’s proprietary loudspeaker system delivers exacting volume and quality at every seat throughout the theatre. From a small drop of rain to an enormous clap of thunder, you’ll hear every shade and subtlety, regardless of where you are sitting.

The New IMAX theater is going to be inaugurated at the Mani Square Mall, Kolkata. It will definitely be a boon for cine lovers.

Inspiring Websites

int_blog_academy,  Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

All you web designers, here are a collection of Sites which could be of great inspiration to you all.

We make it live
Financial Times

Alliance for arts

Corporate Branding (Changing times)

int_blog_academy,  Monday, November 17th, 2008

Companies have always been keen on their branding, as a result company logos play a vital role for being popular around the world. Branding has been the most important part of success. All world famous brands have changed over the times and maintained the success path for years and the names are being engraved in human minds. I tried showing some of the popular brands who have changed there identity over the years, still being very popular and renowned.

Install WordPress on your computer

int_blog_academy,  Thursday, November 13th, 2008

A set of simplified steps for installing WordPress on your local Computer for a newbie. Installing WordPress locally is beneficial as you can test your themes beforehand and keep a working copy of your website, replete with its posts.