Pointers to Determine a Fulfilling Career for You

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Getting a job should not be just about the money, but should be based more on satisfaction and fulfilment of your professional goals. Most people make the mistake of going for careers because of the pay and they end up being very unhappy. As an aspiring professional in the IT, you should be careful with the career path that you choose. Fortunately, there are pointers you can use to direct yourself into a career bound to be most fulfilling.


Nothing can be better than finding yourself in a job that you just love doing and you can use your hobbies to select. Make a list of things that appeal to you and the things that you love doing and then place them into a career and you stand to be happy all your life. So, if technology interests you enough, join a Dot Net training institute in Salt lake Kolkata. On the other hand, with painting being your primary passion, you can take up web designing, which is a very rewarding field these days.


Skills take many forms like you might be skilled in certain subjects. You can also have interpersonal skills which include communication skills or organizational skills. Everyone has some sort of skill that naturally occurs in them and you can use these skills as guides to a fulfilling career. Education and career counselling at reputed institutes is very helpful in this regard.

Current Situation

Your current status can also work as a very good career pointer. Are you working and want to change profession? Have you just graduated from college and therefore, want to join a professional course soon? Your current state will determine where you begin and how you go about the process so let this guide you too in making a decision.

At INA, a number of professional courses are conducted by the industry experts and these courses come with the promise of placement in the IT industry. If you are looking forward to taking up a course at INA, give us a call at +91-8100538214. With the festive season approaching fast, INA has also introduced an amazing discount offer, which gives FLAT 20% off on any course. So, gear up for this opportunity and make the most of your education.

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Choose the Right Path in Your Career with INA

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Deciding on what you study and what career you go for is one of the most crucial decisions you take in life. The kind of profession you choose and especially, the course of study you opt for after your college education largely determines your success and contentment in your professional life. A slight mistake can be potentially disastrous for your entire career and can continue to be a cause of distress for the rest of your life. With that being said, choosing the right path is difficult too. Sometimes you put too much focus on how rewarding a profession can turn out to be later and in doing so, miss out on the other important aspects. At the same time, getting less paid than your contemporaries is equally undesirable.

Now, if you have already acquired a degree in technology and have web development on your mind, you can get yourself enrolled in a professional PHP course in a PHP training institute in Salt Lake Kolkata. However, before you start with the course, it is necessary to be doubly sure of your choice. Realizing the amount of confusion that students typically go through with regards to choosing their career, INA has a student counselling program in place.

The program enables students to simply call us and provide us with their basic details like what are they planning to take up, which courses, they think, will suit them better, their earlier degree, natural inclination and so on. With these details, our counsellors give you essential information and advise you on which course should be just perfect. The counselling is absolutely free of cost as the sole intention of INA is to help the younger generation choose the right path and emerge successful in whatever they go for.

If you are looking forward to taking up a course at INA, give us a call at +91-8100538214. With the festive season approaching fast, INA has also introduced an amazing discount offer, which gives FLAT 20% off on any course. So, gear up for this opportunity and make the most of your education.

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Digital Marketing Course: Things You Learn

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Out of the many ways in which marketing has changed the way it used to be earlier, one major point is that it has largely turned digital. Digital marketing is actually about attracting customers and retaining them for the long run. Today each organization has a web presence of its own and several of them are competing with each other to secure a major share of the market. In order to do so, internet marketing along with its multiple sub-categories becomes extremely necessary.

Due to the growing vastness of the subject, certain recognized institutes are conducting digital marketing courses in Kolkata. Here is a glimpse of what you learn from a comprehensive and professionally designed internet marketing course:

  • Earlier it was only search engine optimization that was in focus but today SEO has been merged with SEM, that is, search engine marketing. SEO, which basically involves non-paid techniques of listing your website in the top search engine results are no longer considered sufficient. A proper course in internet marketing lets you learn about targeting the right audience, understanding the mediums of advertising and also preparing the right ads.
  • This has gradually emerged to be yet another effective means of carrying out digital marketing. While sending emails to your potential customers seems easy on the surface, email marketing actually requires you to apply certain strategies to ensure that the process bears tangible results. A course prepares you with the right ways of creating user lists, delivering emails and generating relevant clicks.
  • Social Media has occupied a huge part of the internet today. As such, if an organization can make its presence popular in one of those social media platforms like Facebook, half of its job of internet marketing is done. When you learn internet marketing from a reputed institute, you get informed about the correct ways of using the various social platforms. This is certainly one of the most interesting modules of your course too.

Sounds interesting? So, get yourself enrolled in a good institute and be assured that you will never have to regret your decision. Knowledge of internet marketing can bring you a lot of opportunities in the corporate world.

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Three Basic Skills for Learning Photoshop for Beginners

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If you have an instinctive sense of creativity and look forward to working in the field of web designing, the one thing that you must learn and gain expertise in is the Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is basically an amazingly powerful program or tool that helps in making professional grade images, adjustments and manipulations. Learning Photoshop is fun too although the tool seems quite complex and there is a lot of things that you need to know in order to be an expert in Photoshop.

Getting yourself enrolled in a Photoshop training institute in Kolkata is the first thing you should do to establish yourself as a professional web designer in the booming IT sector. However, it is always good to acquaint yourself with some basic skills/concepts on Photoshop to make sure that your understanding from the experts later turns out to be more helpful and beneficial.

Brush, which is basically a foundation tool in Photoshop, is also easy to use and works as a master key for many other functions in Photoshop. As a beginner, you should first know the ways of using the brush and then gradually move on to understanding the process of adjusting the size and hardness of this essential tool. As for brush opacity and brush flow, you can count on the expert faculty at your institute to guide you just right.

The Selection Tools are a little complicated but as a beginner, you can start with the Marquee tool and the Lasso tool.  The Marquee Tool allows you to select rectangles, ellipses, or one-pixel rows and columns. The Lasso Tool, on the other hand, enables you to freehand draw around areas you wish to select with the Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, or the Magnetic Lasso Tool.

Also, learn a little about Layers, which allow you to choose the order in which the images get displayed and enable you to keep parts of your projects separate and easily accessible.

With this basic introduction to Photoshop, find yourself in a reputed institute and make the most of your knowledge of Photoshop.

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Attributes that are a Must for Best Photoshop Classes

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Visual images are the in-thing now and that is because of the statistics that reveal that visuals grab attention at a time span of 3.5 seconds. Followed by this statistics, also note that the virtual world is the right place to be in because that is where the entire world is heading towards. So, the virtual world and the visually appealing images, basically being a part of the digital world is important. Doing what everybody else is doing might seem commonplace but foreseeing trends are what makes you stand out. It is important to do that and make heads turn. But for that, you need to start afresh and learn new things and be the best at what you do. As Mark Twain rightly said, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing.” So, learn things that interest you for others to follow suit.

One such thing that you can learn keeping pace with the above context of visual images and the virtual world could be Photoshop. Undertaking Photoshop classes will give you the scope to learn the nitty-gritty of designing visually appealing images that will keep viewers glued. To learn something new, you would obviously wish to join the best institute in a place that is easily accessible. So, let us take a close look at some of the criteria good Photoshop classes in Salt Lake City must have.

· Qualified Trainers – Trainers are the most important people because they will provide students with the right knowledge. So, the credentials of the faculty members need to be checked.

· Schools Focusing on Practical Training – Teaching Photoshop requires mostly practical training because students need to understand how to work with various tools in order to come up with the best visuals. So, make sure that the focus is always on practical classes.

· Interactive Classes– When teachers encourage a lot of interaction, it always helps students to be more open and confident about sharing their problems and get it solved. So, it is important for teachers to encourage free and open interaction in classes.

For Photoshop training classes to churn out the best students, it is important to follow the above-mentioned attributes so that they are the best at what they do. Make sure you have the right support team for filtering the right students, taking care of the infrastructure and so on.

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Top Ways to Learn Web Development

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The times for traditional courses have changed. All the aspiring students and academicians are now looking forward to do something interesting that will help them to live their passion as well as earn their living. Are you one of them? If yes, we bring you a range of interesting courses in the field of digital marketing, web designing, content writing, app developing and much more. I’m sure there are millions looking for jobs that are out of the box and not like the boring 9 to 5 jobs. With INA, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you’re aspiring for in your near future. After all, to attain success one needs to seek passion in his/her job. And, web development is one of such courses that can turn dreams into realities.

Web development courses have taken the education sector by storm due to its demand and popularity. To learn web development one needs to start learning from scratch. Here are some ways in which you can learn web development courses in Kolkata. keep reading:

· Study in a CollegeGet enrolled in a college or start taking tutorials from online courses. But always, make sure to get a degree, a certificate that will add value to your resume. A certificate acts as an authentication of your capability. And moreover, the professional world depends heavily on this degree before recruiting. So, get started now!

· Study OnlineThere are times when getting enrolled in the institutions are not possible due to various reasons. You’ll be spoilt for choice once you start searching for these courses on the internet. Purchase the books online or take online tutorials, do whatever suits you best and acquire good knowledge.

· Study from Video Tutorials- Most of the people prefer online video tutorials over enrolling themselves in colleges for these courses. This is due to the flexibility of online tutorials, which gives them the freedom to learn about the topic at their own space and most importantly at their suitable time. Know yourself and start considering one of the above options to learn web development.

What’s your way to gain knowledge of web development? The above-mentioned points are the ways in which you can learn all about this interesting course. So, know your best way that pleases you and get started as soon as possible for a successful career.

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Learn SEO from Industry Experts at INA

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If you work as a digital marketer, you must be well aware of how the consistent Google updates make Search Engine Optimization (SEO)a difficult task. The field of SEO, more than any other fields in the IT perhaps, has undergone maximum changes. Experimenting with new techniques and strategies is of utmost importance to bring positive results in this highly competitive market scenario. Now, if you are working as an SEO professional without a formal training or degree in the same, it is necessary that you get one soon. This is because the field is likely to incorporate more changes in the years to come and a certificate course will put you in a better position to overcome the challenges that keep coming in the process.

At INA, we have courses in digital marketing under which, SEO is given a lot of importance. The people, who are going to impart you with valuable knowledge and information on the subject, work as SEO professionals themselves. They communicate with clients and cater to their requirements using varying strategies. Thus, they have the practical knowledge and the exposure to help you get set for the corporate scenario. For something as strictly professional as Search Engine Optimization, mere bookish information is just not enough.

On the other hand, people who want to see themselves established in the corporate field as Internet Marketing professionals, can also enroll for the course, get certified and ultimately get placed in a reputed organization. INA understands that a student who is also a working professional at times, aims at finding a better job at the end of a professional course they have attended. So, a placement program is something INA takes rather seriously.

At INA, the courses in SEO are divided into varying modules with the intention of imparting comprehensive knowledge to the students. The course duration is 4-5 months and with respect to the eligibility criteria, a student should have basic knowledge in Internet and MS Office to enroll for this course.

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Learn Web Designing the Smarter Way at INA

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Out of the several web-based courses that have become extremely popular among students, web designing happens to be a major one. People, who have an inherent creativity and the passion to create unique stuff, should ideally opt for a professional course in web designing. At Indus Net Academy, we conduct a certificate course in web designing that is intended to help students as well as working professionals get aware of the subtle technical aspects related to web designing.

While there are quite a few institutes claiming to offer you with reliable courses and valuable certifications, INA has many reasons in its favor to stand out among others. To begin with, we are allied with one of the most leading Web Design, Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development companies in Eastern India. As a result of this, we have, as our faculty, practicing professionals who handle international clients on a regular basis. With all the practical knowledge about how projects get executed every day, these professionals impart valuable knowledge to the students. At INA, you are not made to be restricted to the books but given the opportunity to get exposed to the corporate field of work. Consequently, at the end of your course and after you have gained the certification, you are all set to become a professional web designer and work under the pressure that corporate life brings with it.

INA values the intentions of its students. We understand that when a student gets enrolled for a course in an institute, he/she does it mostly with the aim of getting better opportunities in terms of jobs. It is, therefore, that INA offers placement programs that are extremely popular among the students too. In the last few years, INA has been successful in getting the students from different courses placed in reputed organizations.

Starting from our course structures to the way we conduct classes, the priorities of a modern-day student are always given maximum importance. Our success lies in helping students become who they aspire to be. So, if you are looking for Web Designing Courses in Kolkata Salt Lake, consider INA as your choicest institute.

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Build Your Career with the Best Asp.Net Training

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The advancements in technology have not only changed but actually transformed the way businesses operate. As such, websites, which are now the face of organizations, need to be developed in a way that they actually pull the customers towards the business. ASP.NET has emerged to be one of the most preferred platforms for web- based application development. Knowing PHP implies that you are ready to be in the amazingly dynamic field of web development. If you have technological expertise, to be more precise, knowledge of C++, it is necessary that you make good use of this knowledge with a degree in ASP.NET technology.

To have a career as a .NET developer, the first thing you have to do is find the best ASP.NET training institute in Kolkata. You need to be careful in your choice of an institute because the certificate that you get at the end of the course should be worth your time and efforts. So, here are few basic things that you need to look for in an institute before you enroll yourself in the course and look forward to having a career in the same.

Flexibility is a common issue that often comes in the way of people who want to pursue professional courses while also having a part-time job or so. So, check to find out if the institute offers enough flexibility to allow you attend weekend classes and so on. The next thing worth considering would be the course structure. Web development is a complicated field of work, which is interesting too with latest trends being introduced every now and then. The course modules should be such that give you practical knowledge and exposure apart from what you learn as a part of the Dot.Net theory.

The faculty is the last but not the least thing that you need to look for in an institute. The best institutes have as teachers, people working in the real corporate field. These people are ideal to guide you on your way to the field of ASP.NET. With them, you can get a glimpse of how real time projects get executed and prepare yourself accordingly.

All the best!

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Why Should You Get a Professional Certification in PHP?

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The job market has rapidly changed over the years. Most of these changes have been brought about by the fact that the entire world and the business organizations, in particular, have come to rely on technology like never before. This has led to a rise in the demand of people who have their expertise in the various technological platforms and products. With the World Wide Web making it imperative for organizations to have a thriving presence online, businesses need excellent and functional websites to reach out to the target market and create an indelible impression on them. And with all this comes the importance of PHP, which is basically a scripting language widely used in developing server side websites.

Now, if you have a background of technical education and in case, you want to step into the field of web development, you need to hold a professional certificate in PHP. There are quite a few institutes offering PHP developer training in Salt Lake Kolkata and choosing one should be done with care. But, before that, here is why getting yourself certified is a must.

Most people think that they have enough knowledge of PHP to be able to develop decent websites. But the fact is that the real life corporate field of work is a complicated one, involving several challenges and hurdles. There are clients who would want their websites to be extremely functional while there are others looking forward to something else altogether. So, you will need to do dynamic work and learn about the ways of handling each project with perfection, no matter how complex or demanding. It is only a proper course imparted by a recognized faculty that can help you learn PHP and make the best use of it in your work area.

Even if you are pretty much proficient in dealing with PHP, a certificate is necessary to get you a job that actually helps you exhibit your skills and get rewarded in return. A comprehensive course in PHP at a reputed institute offers you a certificate that is highly valued in today’s competitive job market.

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