What to Expect from a Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata?

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With web designing being one of the most interesting career options in the IT today, many people are looking forward to designing great websites. However, to work as a professional designer, you need to gather the knowledge as well as the skills in the area. Also, several trends keep coming, which you need to be aware of in case you are aspiring to work in the corporate sector.

You can always enroll yourself for web design training in Kolkata and there are several institutes to give you enough options. But, before you finally join a course, it is necessary that you check certain things in order to ensure that you are in the right place and instructed by the right kind of faculty.

The Scope of the Course

The course should be a well-rounded one in the true sense, imparting you with all the necessary webmaster skills. It should include all the essentials that can help you become a web design pro. A thorough course helps you gain complete knowledge.

The Possibility of Insights into the Practical Aspects

Web Designing is an out-and-out practical field of work and learning what is there in the books and manuals won’t help much. You need to understand the concepts and try them out hands-on in the real time field of work. And this kind of training can be given by a faculty that comprises people working as web designers in the corporate field.

The Approximate Cost of the Course

On finding a reliable course, do consider the cost of the web design course also. Do carry out your search well and make sure that you acquire a course at a reasonable price.

At INA, we promise to offer you with quality education, be it web designing or any other. We are offering 20% off on all courses so, if you are really looking forward to learning web designing, this might just be the right time.

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Why Learning Photoshop is a Great Idea for the Creative Lot?

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Every individual has some hidden talent or an inclination towards some art. While basic education goes on in its flow, individuals who have a passion for something apart from education, try to pursue it in the future also. And there are several instances in which the merge of passion and profession has led to great success. So, if you too have a creative bent of mind and want to make drawing, painting and designing a part of your daily life, it is extremely essential that you learn Photoshop.

Photoshop is the most basic tool used in web designing. These days, with everything going digital and technical, your design inclination has to come together with the digital world to produce work that goes a long way in bringing benefits for an organization. So, here is a list of some solid reasons why it is a good idea for you to join a Photoshop training institute in Kolkata.

First, a thorough training in Photoshop prepares you for a career in web designing, which is one of the most rewarding areas of work in the IT. Your knowledge of Photoshop can give you a technical edge, which you can combine with your inherent creativity for an excellent output.

Apart from a career in IT, your knowledge of Photoshop can also help you a lot in case you aspire to be a professional photographer. Your captures, however good, needs editing and Photoshop is one tool that can enhance the quality and appeal of your photographs to a significant extent. Whether you are planning to do wedding photography, travel photography for magazines or anything else, your decision of enrolling yourself for a course in Photoshop will surely bring you the desired results.

If all this has convinced you to take up learning Photoshop in a serious way instead of just fiddling around the tool yourself, find a reputed institute and start with your course right away.

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Factors Influencing the Choice of Web Design Classes in Kolkata

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The education scenario has undergone a lot of changes in the last few decades and in most cases, these changes have brought about a positive outcome. Unlike earlier, students, these days, choose their course of study as well as the institute based on their practical usability. Quite naturally, therefore, the factors which play a significant role in determining one’s choice of institute or more specifically, web design classes in Salt Lake City have also gone through a transformation. So, what are these factors and what are the things you need to keep in mind as a modern day student, looking forward to enrolling yourself for a professional certification.

ü With the focus having shifted from general degree courses to the professional courses, individuals who are already working prefer to obtain an additional degree. And one of the foremost reasons behind choosing a professional course is getting a better opportunity in the field of IT. So, a student, before getting admitted to a particular institute, checks to find out if the same offers placement guarantee and if it does, then which companies usually come for the recruitment options.

ü Location is an essential factor of consideration too. Although distance learning facilities have reduced the importance of geographical location as students can attend a course from literally anywhere, anytime, not all courses come with distance learning facilities. In that case, the institute should ideally be located at a convenient location that is easily accessible by people from all areas in the city. For instance, if it is Kolkata, then Salt Lake would be ideal because it will suit working individuals who would like to attend the course without compromising their existing career.

ü Last but not the least, the fee structure, too, matters significantly. Too costly a course might not be suitable for most. Again, students have a tendency to go for short duration courses that offer with them the certification rather fast and are often ready to pay a little more for these.

Now that you are aware of the factors determining students’ choice of institute, choose the best among the web designing or software training institutes in Kolkata and take your career one step ahead in this competitive world.

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Tips for Students to Identify the Right Asp.Net Training Institute

int_blog_academy,  Monday, November 21st, 2016

A recent trend in education has made it imperative for students to gain a professional degree in order to be able to find a place for themselves in the IT industry. And needless to mention, those with an engineering background opt for Asp.Net training course as it occupies an important part of web development. Now, too many institutes have cropped up right here in Kolkata, claiming to offer you with good training and also placement opportunities in most cases.

However, when it comes to choosing the right institute, it is necessary to keep a few tips in mind. So, here is a list of things to be considered before registering for your desired course in a recognized Asp.Net Training center in Kolkata.

Check Track Record

Conduct a thorough background search and see how long the training institute has been active. Do they have a continuous track record of providing training? Or have they ever vanished sometimes in between? Now, the latter shows an inconsistency which might indicate to low training standards.

Enquire With the Alumni

Ask someone who has already completed their training in any of the training institutes you are looking out for. With their firsthand experience and knowledge of the teaching methods of the organization, they’ll give you a serious opinion and useful advice.

Scrutinize Training Methodology and Course Material

The institute you choose should have a well-defined training methodology and training material. Video tutorials, audio podcasts, PPTs and other supporting materials make even complex topics easier to understand with minimum effort.

Analyze the Quality of the Instructors

Good course materials might not just be enough. If that was the case, most of you would have got a job after engineering. Ask for a biographical timeline of the instructor so that you have an opportunity to see whether the instructor has relevant experience in the particular subject or field.

Understand the Fee Structure

No matter how good the course is, the fees always play an important role. Enquire with quite a good number of training institutes about the rates so that you get a median range of the market standard.

Look for Placement Opportunities

Quite a good number of training institutes guarantee placements, while others provide no guarantee, but still, tend to help out the students with placement after completion. Get an idea about the placement opportunities from various institutes before you join one.

So, keep all these in mind and join an institute that promises to best serve your requirements.

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Top Three Digital Marketing Trends to Consider this Year

int_blog_academy,  Monday, November 14th, 2016

Are you all prepared to join a digital marketing course in an institution? A professional degree in internet marketing can prepare you for a rewarding career in the IT. With the digital media ruling the business scenario, knowledge of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing can get you to a position from where you can help businesses create a thriving presence online.

Now, before you start with any of these digital marketing courses in Kolkata, here is a list of some important trends you should consider.

Increased Focus on Mobile Optimization – Since the last few years, mobile has been generating more traffic than desktop and laptop search. With virtually everyone using their Smartphone to find information online, it is perhaps needless to mention that business owners must cater to the needs of their mobile audience to generate leads and increase conversions. A strategic mix of responsive design and user experience is what is to be achieved by business managers with the help of expert digital marketers.

Heightened Significance of Local SEO – With the launch of My Business, Google places have gained even more importance in local SEO. There have been significant changes in how Google presents search results for local terms. As such, different search elements are made to provide immediate information on the existence and availability of local businesses. It is essential for a business to be listed on Google to improve search visibility.

App Store Optimization– According to a study conducted in 2015, 52% of the time spent online was on mobile apps. This is no surprise because people tend to prefer using apps over surfing mobile websites and this is certainly due to better functionality.  If you have a business app, optimizing for the app store is crucial to enhance visibility.

The list of trends will go on. Once you start with the course, you will know more about these. So, just prepare yourself well and become an expert digital marketer in the long run.

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How to Get Yourself Enrolled in a Reputed Software Training Institute?

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A professional degree in a technology that is highly in use is a must-have these days especially, if you are looking forward to working in the IT industry. Irrespective of the subject or the course of study in which you have graduated, you can always join a professional course that respectively prepares you for a career in digital marketing, web designing, Dot Net or any other arena of your choice and inclination. But, at this stage, most students are confused about which institute to choose because the institute you enroll yourself into will largely determine the value of the degree you obtain at the end of the course.

Now, if you are in the City of Joy, you can consider yourself fortunate enough because there are many software training institutes in Kolkata. As such, you can have several options to choose from. However, you need to look for certain qualities, placement opportunities being the most crucial of these. The primary purpose for which people go for a professional degree is to get a job and earn right. Make sure getting into an institute that has tie-ups with recognized organizations and, therefore, offers placement opportunities to at least the students who perform well.

Choosing a good institute is not just enough. You have to prepare yourself enough to be a part of it. Some of these institutes conduct competitive examinations and based on the results, select or shortlist the candidates who deserve to get admitted to that particular institute. So, depending on the course you have applied for; make sure that you gain a basic understanding of the course and awareness about a few latest trends, etc. For instance, if you have applied for admission in the digital marketing course, it is expected that you will be acquainted with terms like SEO and PPC even if you have little knowledge about them.

So, worry not, work hard and get enrolled in a good software training institute in the city.

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Get Acquainted with the Trends in Internet Marketing at INA

int_blog_academy,  Monday, October 31st, 2016

Out of the fields of work that are continuously emerging and bringing in new concepts and trends, Internet Marketing happens to be the most important one. The ways and the processes in which organizations from different verticals can reach out to and communicate the desired message to the target audience are ever-changing. So, while Search Engine Optimization used to be the dominant and the most recognized method in digital marketing, these days, social media marketing is more in trend. Also, pay per click advertising is getting more popular than it was ever before. All these imply that if you are looking forward to working as a digital marketing professional, you need to not just get a degree in internet marketing but also learn the new concepts related to the same.

So, how can you possibly do that? Yes, you should definitely join an internet marketing course in Kolkata but make sure that you are perfect in your choice of the institute. At INA, we understand that students join professional courses with the intention of getting a complete grasp of the field and finding a job that offers them with the desired recognition.

INA is backed up by a faculty that incorporates members with real industry experience. In fact, a few of them works with the leading organization that is aligned with the academy itself. As such, they are handling complicated projects and difficult demands of the clients day in and day out. Hence, while imparting you with instructions in internet marketing, they are not just elaborating on what is already given in the books but sharing the experiences with you and preparing you for facing similar challenges.

At INA, we put utmost focus on keeping our students updated with the growing trends in the field of digital marketing so that they become successful internet marketers in the long run.

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Choose a Reputed Institute to Learn Photoshop Best

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If the creative designer inside you keeps you asking to opt for a career that gives you the opportunity to cultivate your passion to the maximum, web designing is what you should ideally choose. Web Designing, today, is not just a preferred course of study but also a high-paying job prospect, which is rewarding in so many respects. As a web designer, you get the opportunity to work in various fields that include IT, advertising, media and the list goes on.

However, web designing is a core technical field, which involves the use of a number of tools and programs. Photoshop is the foremost and the most important of them all. Learning Photoshop takes time and effort. Even if you have the basic skills of handling this tool, it will be a matter of a lot of time before you actually get a hang of it and work around Photoshop like a pro.

So, the best way would be to join Photoshop classes in Salt Lake City conducted by a number of educational institutes. When you choose an institute, make sure that you go with one that offers professional courses to both students as well as working professionals. These institutes will typically conduct industry-specific courses and offer flexible schedules too, making it easier for you to learn Photoshop in the smartest possible way.

When it comes to finding an institute, word of mouth works well too. If you are acquainted with people working in this specific field with this particular tool, ask them about the institutes from which they have earned their degrees. Accordingly, you might get referred to an institute that is particularly known for its great faculty or one that has advanced training modules in web designing.
So, get yourself enrolled in a good institute and be assured that you will never have to regret your decision. Knowledge of Photoshop can bring you a lot of opportunities you have probably never imagined before.

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Top Career Options for Web Designers

int_blog_academy,  Monday, October 17th, 2016

It is a dream of many to earn a living from something that they are truly passionate about. As a web designer, you get the chance of fiddling with patterns, designs and colors on a day-to-day basis while brainstorming new ideas at the same time. However, web designing is way beyond painting on paper or craft work as we understand by creativity. It involves working with advanced technology on different technological platforms and it is therefore that you should be a part of web designing course in Kolkata Salt Lake. Now, here is a list of some of the top career choices for a professional web designer.

Media and Advertising

The best thing about being a web designer is that apart from earning well, you get a feeling of satisfaction when your conceptualized design gets popular and becomes the signature of a well-known brand. Web designers, as they can keep working on what they love, experience a higher level of job satisfaction than in most other professions.

IT Industry

Organizations are increasingly realizing the fact that a message without an appealing visual fails to create the desired impact. As such, as a web designer, you have to maintain the organizations’ website, prepare designs to accompany content that are delivered to the client and also work on designs for the entire social media.


If you want greater freedom and pursue something else side-by-side along with work, you can choose to be a freelance web designer too. You will need to register yourself in the popular freelancing platforms and also use your networking skills in knowing people and letting them know about you and your work.

Sounds great? Well, with all your passion and potential of designing, you can enjoy any of these opportunities. Start with registering yourself for a good web designing course in any of the reputed institutes in Kolkata and give your career the kick start it deserves.

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Secure High Paying Jobs in the IT with the Best PHP Training

int_blog_academy,  Monday, October 10th, 2016

Technology has completely transformed the way businesses operate. These days, people with technical skills and orientation are highly preferred because their knowledge and expertise is of immense value to an organization. PHP is one such technical area of study that is not only in trend but also extremely useful. If you are in that stage of education and career where you are looking forward to joining some professional course, it is best that you consider registering for a course in PHP.

Now, the choices are many if you have actually decided to be a part of PHP developer training in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Whole most institutes claim to offer you with the best-possible training; Indus Net Academy goes a step further in offering you a lot more.

INA is backed up by a faculty that comprises people from the professional field of work. Most of them work in the leading IT Company named Indus Net Technologies and have the experience of executing challenging projects on a day to day basis. As such, they impart you with not just the bookish knowledge but the real tricks of the trade. So, once the course is over and you have got your degrees, you are all set to make your mark in the corporate field. In fact, you are not even required to go through training but can join directly as a fresher and get promoted eventually.

Another great advantage of learning PHP at INT is that we offer placement guarantee. Today, most students and even working professionals enrol themselves in a professional course with the primary intention of bagging a good job. Understanding this interest area and requirement of the students, INA promises a tie up with some reputed organizations, which, in turn, offer excellent job opportunities to those who successfully complete their respective course and fare well in the final examination.

With the festive season on, INA offers some lucrative discounts on its courses as well. So, get ready, take a good decision and secure a great job in the field of IT.

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