Does your Blog look really great?

Do we all know how our blogs look. We look at them everyday. We boot our computers, start up the browser and …

Wait. What web browser are we using? And is it even a computer?

Firefox or Internet Explorer? PC or Mac? Windows or Linux? Desktop or handheld? IPhone or PS3?

There are a lot of possibilities, but some are more important than others. Take a look and try it yourself….

Start Off Easy – Standard Browsers

Even if you use Internet Explorer (IE) for daily browsing, I recommend that you start in other different browsers available. IE’s view of the page will look different to Firefox’s.

1. Download Firefox
2. Download Opera
3. Download Safari (Windows Version)

When your page looks right in Firefox (or either of the others), then 99% of the time, it will look right in the other 2 as well.