Choose the Right Path in Your Career with INA

Deciding on what you study and what career you go for is one of the most crucial decisions you take in life. The kind of profession you choose and especially, the course of study you opt for after your college education largely determines your success and contentment in your professional life. A slight mistake can be potentially disastrous for your entire career and can continue to be a cause of distress for the rest of your life. With that being said, choosing the right path is difficult too. Sometimes you put too much focus on how rewarding a profession can turn out to be later and in doing so, miss out on the other important aspects. At the same time, getting less paid than your contemporaries is equally undesirable.

Now, if you have already acquired a degree in technology and have web development on your mind, you can get yourself enrolled in a professional PHP course in a PHP training institute in Salt Lake Kolkata. However, before you start with the course, it is necessary to be doubly sure of your choice. Realizing the amount of confusion that students typically go through with regards to choosing their career, INA has a student counselling program in place.

The program enables students to simply call us and provide us with their basic details like what are they planning to take up, which courses, they think, will suit them better, their earlier degree, natural inclination and so on. With these details, our counsellors give you essential information and advise you on which course should be just perfect. The counselling is absolutely free of cost as the sole intention of INA is to help the younger generation choose the right path and emerge successful in whatever they go for.

If you are looking forward to taking up a course at INA, give us a call at +91-8100538214. With the festive season approaching fast, INA has also introduced an amazing discount offer, which gives FLAT 20% off on any course. So, gear up for this opportunity and make the most of your education.

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