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7 Reasons Why Learning Internet Marketing is a Must for Career Boost in 2018

int_blog_academy,  Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

With digital revolution taking shape across the world, it’s pretty obvious that entrepreneurs are highly focused on it. The business visionaries have also estimated that internet marketing will have the brightest outcome in the upcoming years.  According to Mr.Abhishek Rungta, the CEO of Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a renowned name in the arena of Digital Marketing), internet marketing has become a highly evolving marketing medium. No doubt, the current scenario looks quite positive with internet marketing creating bigger platform for advertising and promotion.

Considering its evolving prospects, a number of youngsters are nowadays opting for a career in Digital Marketing. Today, a lot of the aspiring students get themselves enrolled in various training institutions to chase their dreams of pursuing a career in the field of online marketing and optimization, but, instead of learning some theory, it’s important to learn the tricks of trade. For this purpose, you need to get yourself a mentor instead of a simple training institute.

In the words of Mr. Rungta, “Digital marketing is a very creative career option. You need to have great analytical skill, ability to absorb and learn from your environment and surrounding, identify trends, read people and social behaviour, etc. You will need to market (communicate and promote a product / brand).”

Let’s see how the knowledge of internet marketing can result in a career boost this year.

1. The World is becoming More Digital With Every Passing Days

We can’t simply ignore the fact that most of our waking hours are spent online. Moreover, the number of people using platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn keeps growing year after year. With people getting more involved in the web space and businesses using it for advertising and promotion, it’s quite obvious that the online world is accounting for a bigger share of revenues each year.No doubt, it has propelled the growth of digital marketing as a discipline, which has opened up the market of the digital marketers.The concepts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management or social media strategies have gained momentum in the era of web/virtual marketing.The prospects in this field are expected grow further, which means that choosing a career in digital marketing is future proof.

2. It Improves Your Networking Potential

In this era, business is highly dependent on networking. But, networking now happens online, following the increasingly developing focus on world wide web.No doubt, that online networking potential makes a candidate highly demanding in the recent times. You need to keep in mind that marketing and networking are two different wings, though a few years before, both the concepts were uttered synonymously. While marketing is an act of promoting or selling, networking expands your customer base. And, a professional digital marketing course can help you learn the differences as well as the respective attributes.

When you sign up for a digital marketing course in Indusnet Academy, in addition to the lecturers and guest speakers who you can network with during the course and beyond, you also get to meet lots of other professionals who are currently working in the marketing industry or are looking to break into the digital marketing sector. Throughout, the duration of such a course, you’ll get to chat to these guys about your experiences and learn from theirs during your group activity work – but at the end, you’ll also end up having a whole new network of professionals who can act as a bit of a support network throughout your career.

3.Digital Marketing Course helps in Gaining Up-to-date Industry Knowledge

The classic education system does not provide individuals with professional know how. But, in the 21st century digital industries move relatively fast, which emphasizes the discrepancy between education and working more importantly. A traditional degree in ‘Marketing’ or ‘Communications’ may not teach you the practical skills in new and dynamic fields such as Social Media Marketing, Web analytics or SEO. On the contrary, a digital marketing course with its rapidly changing focus has already included latest insights into their curricula. Getting a certification in the digital fields teach you the practical skills employers desire and shows that you can ‘hit the ground running’ as a digital marketing professional.

The eminent thought leaders of Indusnet Technologies, who are also taking active part in disrupting the digital world of the recent times have admitted that the digital marketing courses help in providing practical knowledge in the areas of branding, social media, analytics, SEO and mobile and everything that are essential for developing quality user experience. Additionally, the latest knowledge that you will gain will improve your skillset, thus making you a potential candidate for bagging a promising job in the current industry.

Digital Marketing has arrived with a multitude of prospects in the recent times. Moreover, it has opened up multiple avenues for the jobseekers who are interested to explore the different arenas of marketing. If you are looking for the best internet marketing course in Kolkata, make sure that you get to learn it from the core.

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Importance Of Learning Internet Marketing Today

int_blog_academy,  Monday, December 18th, 2017

Time machine is yet to be invented for sure, but our mind, filled with years of memories, certainly serves as a pretty great substitute. So, let us rewind back to the 1990s. You were probably a kid or a teenager at that point of time. Some of you might be young adults. Whichever it is, we are a generation who grew up seeing the morning newspaper delivered at the doorstep every single day and probably each one of us had at least one part of it which held special attraction. We are also the generation that saw how the television media expanded and grew in size and proportion. From having one single channel we witnessed the introduction of multiple channels. But, do you remember the advertisements?

Advertisement over the years

Even though, some of us might not recall instantaneously seeing advertisements, but, we will remember them once we get a glimpse of one of the old commercials. At first it was the pages of the newspapers that would introduce us to the various new products and services. Then, it was the television. Television added audio and motion to the advertisements that we saw on the newspapers and soon became a popular means because of the high recall value. Even now, one simple tune or melody will make us remember some of the most popular advertisements we watched on television during our childhood (remember the kid in the Dhara advertisement and the melody along with the distinct tone of saying jalebi?). The memories are pretty nostalgic!

The Scenario Today

Now jump back to the current time. Which was the last advertisement you saw on the newspaper or on television? When was the last time you read the complete newspaper or watched television with such attention? The time has changed and today the sheer number of options we have in terms of media is one of the primary reasons why our attention span is decreasing such rapidly. Consider the current generation. It grew up being bombarded by various media. And, the largest among it all is the Internet.

Increasing strength of internet marketing

While figures from across the globe varies, but we can safely assume that almost one-third of our productive hours is spent on the Internet. Wish such a high consumption of the Internet as a media, it is no wonder that this is the new golden pasture for marketers. Internet marketing is all set to become a behemoth and take over all other media when it comes to marketing of any product or services.

Internet marketing is a pretty broad term and covers a staggeringly high number of disciplines underneath the umbrella. It includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and much more. However, the main strength of internet marketing is its ability to target the right audience with almost laser like precision. With every person sharing practically the entire life on the Internet and leaving a digital footprint that allows the modern AI to understand the personality and need of every individual, it is easier, cheaper and more efficient to perform target marketing via the Internet. Businesses across the globe have understood this and thus are shifting towards internet marketing to gain higher market share and better market penetration.

A better career ahead

Internet marketing is the future and it is definitely going to become one of the most sought after qualities in any marketer. With proper knowledge of internet marketing you can shape up a better and more rewarding career. Learning internet marketing has never been more important than it is today. So get yourself enrolled in professional internet marketing course.

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The Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing You Must Know About

int_blog_academy,  Monday, May 8th, 2017

Out of the numerous courses in which marketing has changed the way it used to be earlier, one noteworthy point is that it has, to a great extent, advanced in terms of trends and developments. Digital marketing is, in reality, about drawing in clients and holding them for the long run. Today, every association has its very own web presence and a few of them are contending with each other to secure a prominent share of the market. Keeping in mind the end goal, digital marketing along with its emerging trends turns out to be a course/subject worth taking into serious consideration.

Because of the depth of the subject, certain reputed academies are conducting digital marketing training in Kolkata. Here is a look at what you gain from an exhaustive and professionally composed digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata

Even a few years back, it was just site improvement that was emphasized upon. Today, SEO has been converged with SEM, that is, Search Engine Marketing. SEO, which fundamentally includes non-paid strategies of posting your site in the top search engine results are no longer viewed as adequate. A legitimate course in internet marketing gives you a chance to find out about focusing on the correct target audience, understanding the mediums of publicizing and furthermore setting up the rightly targeted advertisements.

Email marketing has turned out to be yet another successful method for doing advanced marketing. While sending messages to your potential clients appears to be simple at the first glance, email advertising actually requires you to guarantee that the procedure bears unmistakable outcomes. A course sets you up with the correct methods for making client records, conveying messages and bringing in the desired outcomes.

Online marketing has occupied a colossal piece of the web today. In that capacity, if an association can make its presence felt in one of those online networking stages like Facebook, half of its digital marketing initiative is accomplished. When you learn internet marketing from a reputed institute, you get informed about the right methods for utilizing the different social stages.

Sounds fascinating? Get yourself selected in a good organization and be assured that you will never need to regret your choice.

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Finding a Reliable SEO Training Institute for a Career in Digital Marketing

int_blog_academy,  Monday, April 10th, 2017

If the passionate digital marketer inside you keeps you asking to opt for a career that gives you the opportunity to cultivate your passion to the maximum, digital marketing is what you should ideally choose. Digital Marketing, today, is not just a preferred course of study but also a high-paying job prospect, which is rewarding in so many respects. As a digital marketer, you get the opportunity to work in various fields that include IT, advertising, media and the list goes on.

However, digital marketing is a core technical field, which involves the use of a number of tools and programs. Google Ads and PPC happen to be one of the most important of them all. Learning this and many more takes time and effort. Even if you have the basic skills of handling this tool, it will be a matter of a lot of time before you actually get a hang of it and work around the internet marketing field like a pro.

So, the best way would be to join professional courses in the best SEO training institute in Kolkata. When you choose an institute, make sure that you go with one that offers professional courses to both students as well as working professionals. These institutes will typically conduct industry-specific courses and offer flexible schedules too, making it easier for you to learn internet marketing in the smartest possible way.

When it comes to finding an institute, word of mouth works well too. If you are acquainted with people working in this specific field with this particular tool, ask them about the institutes from which they have earned their degrees. Accordingly, you might get referred to an institute that is particularly known for its great faculty or one that has advanced training modules in digital marketing.

So, get yourself enrolled in a good institute and be assured that you will never have to regret your decision. Knowledge of digital marketing can bring you a lot of opportunities you have probably never imagined before.

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Must-Have Traits of a Professional Digital Marketer

int_blog_academy,  Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Are you presently studying digital marketing from a particular institute with the intention of emerging to be a successful professional later? Well, then you must take note of the must-have qualities of a good internet marketer, working for various brands at one time. So, here you go.

Familiarity with How the Digital Media Works

A professional internet marketer must know literally everything about how the digital media works and the various channels through which the targeting is done. The use of messaging, keywords, designing and so on needs to be understood in details and a proper course can help you get a complete grasp of the subject.

Understanding the Customer’s Requirements

The basic quality of an expert is that he can understand the needs of the customers. A digital marketer with in-depth knowledge is also required to be patient and extremely mindful so that he is prepared to work on a particular project till the client is 100% satisfied.

Having Good Communication Skills

It is not just enough to understand the client’s requirements but also make them understand what is feasible and what is not. A good marketer can communicate with the teammates and can also explain all the details to the clients about the SEO and social media related needs and so on.

Keep Learning Continually

Just look back and think of the stuff that’s been talked about in the last few years and how they have been moving from back linking to guest posting and so on. You never stop learning, so you can always be on top of the latest trends, which just makes you nicely well-rounded as a digital marketer.

So, now that you are aware of these qualities, prepare yourself for a rocking career ahead and join a digital marketing course in Kolkata. INA has a reliable faculty and excellent course coverage to guide you in the right direction. If you get enrolled now, you are also eligible to get 20% off on all courses.

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Top Three Digital Marketing Trends to Consider this Year

int_blog_academy,  Monday, November 14th, 2016

Are you all prepared to join a digital marketing course in an institution? A professional degree in internet marketing can prepare you for a rewarding career in the IT. With the digital media ruling the business scenario, knowledge of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing can get you to a position from where you can help businesses create a thriving presence online.

Now, before you start with any of these digital marketing courses in Kolkata, here is a list of some important trends you should consider.

Increased Focus on Mobile Optimization – Since the last few years, mobile has been generating more traffic than desktop and laptop search. With virtually everyone using their Smartphone to find information online, it is perhaps needless to mention that business owners must cater to the needs of their mobile audience to generate leads and increase conversions. A strategic mix of responsive design and user experience is what is to be achieved by business managers with the help of expert digital marketers.

Heightened Significance of Local SEO – With the launch of My Business, Google places have gained even more importance in local SEO. There have been significant changes in how Google presents search results for local terms. As such, different search elements are made to provide immediate information on the existence and availability of local businesses. It is essential for a business to be listed on Google to improve search visibility.

App Store Optimization– According to a study conducted in 2015, 52% of the time spent online was on mobile apps. This is no surprise because people tend to prefer using apps over surfing mobile websites and this is certainly due to better functionality.  If you have a business app, optimizing for the app store is crucial to enhance visibility.

The list of trends will go on. Once you start with the course, you will know more about these. So, just prepare yourself well and become an expert digital marketer in the long run.

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Get Acquainted with the Trends in Internet Marketing at INA

int_blog_academy,  Monday, October 31st, 2016

Out of the fields of work that are continuously emerging and bringing in new concepts and trends, Internet Marketing happens to be the most important one. The ways and the processes in which organizations from different verticals can reach out to and communicate the desired message to the target audience are ever-changing. So, while Search Engine Optimization used to be the dominant and the most recognized method in digital marketing, these days, social media marketing is more in trend. Also, pay per click advertising is getting more popular than it was ever before. All these imply that if you are looking forward to working as a digital marketing professional, you need to not just get a degree in internet marketing but also learn the new concepts related to the same.

So, how can you possibly do that? Yes, you should definitely join an internet marketing course in Kolkata but make sure that you are perfect in your choice of the institute. At INA, we understand that students join professional courses with the intention of getting a complete grasp of the field and finding a job that offers them with the desired recognition.

INA is backed up by a faculty that incorporates members with real industry experience. In fact, a few of them works with the leading organization that is aligned with the academy itself. As such, they are handling complicated projects and difficult demands of the clients day in and day out. Hence, while imparting you with instructions in internet marketing, they are not just elaborating on what is already given in the books but sharing the experiences with you and preparing you for facing similar challenges.

At INA, we put utmost focus on keeping our students updated with the growing trends in the field of digital marketing so that they become successful internet marketers in the long run.

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Digital Marketing Course: Things You Learn

int_blog_academy,  Monday, September 12th, 2016

Out of the many ways in which marketing has changed the way it used to be earlier, one major point is that it has largely turned digital. Digital marketing is actually about attracting customers and retaining them for the long run. Today each organization has a web presence of its own and several of them are competing with each other to secure a major share of the market. In order to do so, internet marketing along with its multiple sub-categories becomes extremely necessary.

Due to the growing vastness of the subject, certain recognized institutes are conducting digital marketing courses in Kolkata. Here is a glimpse of what you learn from a comprehensive and professionally designed internet marketing course:

  • Earlier it was only search engine optimization that was in focus but today SEO has been merged with SEM, that is, search engine marketing. SEO, which basically involves non-paid techniques of listing your website in the top search engine results are no longer considered sufficient. A proper course in internet marketing lets you learn about targeting the right audience, understanding the mediums of advertising and also preparing the right ads.
  • This has gradually emerged to be yet another effective means of carrying out digital marketing. While sending emails to your potential customers seems easy on the surface, email marketing actually requires you to apply certain strategies to ensure that the process bears tangible results. A course prepares you with the right ways of creating user lists, delivering emails and generating relevant clicks.
  • Social Media has occupied a huge part of the internet today. As such, if an organization can make its presence popular in one of those social media platforms like Facebook, half of its job of internet marketing is done. When you learn internet marketing from a reputed institute, you get informed about the correct ways of using the various social platforms. This is certainly one of the most interesting modules of your course too.

Sounds interesting? So, get yourself enrolled in a good institute and be assured that you will never have to regret your decision. Knowledge of internet marketing can bring you a lot of opportunities in the corporate world.

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Learn SEO from Industry Experts at INA

int_blog_academy,  Monday, August 15th, 2016

If you work as a digital marketer, you must be well aware of how the consistent Google updates make Search Engine Optimization (SEO)a difficult task. The field of SEO, more than any other fields in the IT perhaps, has undergone maximum changes. Experimenting with new techniques and strategies is of utmost importance to bring positive results in this highly competitive market scenario. Now, if you are working as an SEO professional without a formal training or degree in the same, it is necessary that you get one soon. This is because the field is likely to incorporate more changes in the years to come and a certificate course will put you in a better position to overcome the challenges that keep coming in the process.

At INA, we have courses in digital marketing under which, SEO is given a lot of importance. The people, who are going to impart you with valuable knowledge and information on the subject, work as SEO professionals themselves. They communicate with clients and cater to their requirements using varying strategies. Thus, they have the practical knowledge and the exposure to help you get set for the corporate scenario. For something as strictly professional as Search Engine Optimization, mere bookish information is just not enough.

On the other hand, people who want to see themselves established in the corporate field as Internet Marketing professionals, can also enroll for the course, get certified and ultimately get placed in a reputed organization. INA understands that a student who is also a working professional at times, aims at finding a better job at the end of a professional course they have attended. So, a placement program is something INA takes rather seriously.

At INA, the courses in SEO are divided into varying modules with the intention of imparting comprehensive knowledge to the students. The course duration is 4-5 months and with respect to the eligibility criteria, a student should have basic knowledge in Internet and MS Office to enroll for this course.

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Things to Look for in an SEO Training Institute in Kolkata

int_blog_academy,  Monday, July 18th, 2016

Digital marketing has seen more growth in the last decade than any other areas in IT. And when we say digital marketing, something that comes to our mind first is SEO. Search Engine Optimization, which is basically understood as the process of improving the rank of business websites on the Google search results, is now no longer restricted to this only. The field has become really broad with the inclusion of social media optimization, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising. As such, if you have strong inclination towards how the digital platforms operate, how Google treats the millions of websites listed in it or how businesses are reaching out to their target market digitally, you need to know SEO and eventually become a digital marketing professional.

So, how do you start? Well, first, you have to enroll yourself in a good SEO training institute in Kolkata Salt Lake. While there are many of such institutes, you need to look for certain qualities in the institute in order to ensure that you learn better.

SEO is one field of study that generates various opinions. For instance, while some experts might consider back linking to be an effective method, others might think that guest posting is more profitable. While you are free to develop your own opinion, it is necessary that you get instructed by people who work in the real corporate field and execute real-time projects. So, the faculty should consist of people with practical knowledge. You should enquire enough before deciding to be a part of an institute.

When you join a professional course, it becomes obvious that you eventually like to be placed in a reputed organization where you get enough scope of exhibiting your skills. Go for an institute that offers campus placement facilities to its students after the end of a course and at regular intervals. This will make sure that you have invested in the right place.

Have a little exposure in the field of SEO also to check if the course structure of the institute is satisfactory. Once convinced with all this, get set on your journey of becoming an expert digital marketer.

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