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5 Tips to Find the Best Android Training Institute in Kolkata

int_blog_academy,  Monday, December 18th, 2017

Since the time Google has entered into the space mobile phones, Android Apps have become immensely popular. From gaming to business, Android has a smart app for everything. Today, it’s not just a significant part of the mobile app development industry, but Android development itself has turned into a booming business. Today, when Android phones are becoming so popular and people are getting so accustomed, mobile app development companies are highly focused on hiring a workforce of efficient and professional Android developers.

So, if you are planning to embark on a career in Android development, it’s important to get a comprehensive and in-depth training from a good institute. But, finding one is really difficult, considering the growing number of training institute coming into the scenario.

However, you can check out these tips from the experts to find the best android training institute.

1. Market Reputation of the Concerned Institute

This is one of the major considerations while looking for an Android training institute. Try looking into the online sources as well as the word of mouth to get information about the institute. Nowadays, most of the reputed institutions have their own website, where you can get a lot of information. Remember, an in-depth research is fundamental before you make any move.

2. The Operational Years of the Institute

While a lot of Android training Institutes has mushroomed over these years, not all of them could survive in the long run. Hence, it’s important to know about the operational years of the institution.Do not trust any institute that’s just a month old and claim to provide the best training in the city. Trust the word of mouth promotion in this case. This way, you can clarify all your doubts.

3. Evaluate the Efficiency of Demo Classes

Many institutes offer demo classes nowadays, so that the prospective students can get to know about the kind of training the institute offers. It’s indeed a great practice if you take part in the demo classes, as it would help you take an informed decision regarding enrolment. Participating in the demo classes can help you check if the instructor is supportive. Keep in mind that the practice sessions are organised only to clear out the doubts of the students.

4. Enquire If the Practical Classes are Offered in the Institute

A rigorous practical class with theory class is fundamental for an in-depth training. To understand the course better, a student must learn the practical application of what he is learning in the theory classes. Access the best study materials and at the same time make the most of your practical classes to gain knowledge. So, before enrolling yourself any training institute, ask the institute authorities if there is an availability of practical classes. You can also perform a cross verification by asking the past students.

5. Check the Course Content

The final thing, you should never forget to take into account is the course content. What you must check is that whether the institute is offering a professional course based on today’s trends. Check if the recent norms of Android Development field are included in the course. Learning the technology, which is obsolete in the recent scenario, is not what you should settle for, especially when you are looking for embarking on a career in this field. So make sure the curriculum is updated, before getting enrolled.

So, if you’re considering a professional Android training in Kolkata, these tips will help you find an institute worth your time and money.

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Finding a Good ASP.NET Training Institute in Kolkata

int_blog_academy,  Monday, May 9th, 2016

These days, technical knowledge has become extremely necessary for job seekers to secure an opportunity that they treasure. Out of the top job functions that are in demand today, web development happens to be a major one. And when it comes to web development, ASP.NET is undoubtedly the most preferred framework for creating a dynamic website. So, if you are already holding some technical degrees and if you are willing to work in the vast field of web development with your specialization in ASP.NET, it is necessary that you enroll yourself in a reputed ASP.NET training institute in Kolkata. But the question is how to find one? Let’s find out the proper ways.

To begin with, trust the internet for it is the biggest storehouse of information today. With the right keywords, you can come across a number of institutes conducting courses in ASP.NET. While most of these courses are part-time, which ensure that you are not occupied for the entire day, certain institutes conduct distance learning courses too. But what is more important is that you should check the rankings of these institutes and make sure getting into one that is recognized in the corporate world because after all, it is the job you get that will matter the most.

When it comes to finding an institute, word of mouth works well too. If you are acquainted with people working with this specific framework, ask them about the institutes from which they have earned their degrees. Accordingly, you might get referred to an institute that is particularly known for its great faculty or one that has advanced training modules in ASP.NET.

This being said it is always necessary that you choose an institute and more importantly, a course style that suits your schedule. You can be a part of an ASP.NET course even while you are working somewhere for an advancement in your career. In such cases, make sure that the course is flexible enough to let you adjust your schedules accordingly.

So, get set and learn ASP.NET to be an integral part of the World Wide Web.

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Top Features of a Reputed Android Training Institute

int_blog_academy,  Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Your career is one of the most important aspects of your life, largely determining how well you live your entire life. When it comes to career, it is of utmost importance to choose the right course, subject or path from the very beginning. A few misguided steps in the wrong direction can not only make you end up with a dissatisfactory job but also compel you to live an unhappy life. Because satisfaction at work and the ability to do what you really like to, works wonders in keeping you happy, motivated and satisfied.

Now, if you have a natural inclination towards understanding technology and if the world of web and mobile app development attracts you, then it is advisable that you enroll yourself for a top Android Training Institute in Kolkata and start pursuing the Android development course. Of course, you will need to hold some basic degrees in technology, the requirements of which will vary depending on the institute you join. So, with all your interest in the field, you must try to get into a reputed institute for your degree to be worthwhile at the end of the day. Here is a list of features a good institute should have. Check these out to make your search more effective.

Placement Facilities

The job market is extremely competitive today and as such, even with a diploma or degree in an advanced technological platform like Android, finding a job is not always easy. Check the history of placements from the particular institute to get an idea about your future prospects with Android training from this institute.

Course Coverage

You might be new to the field of Android training and development but a thorough search online and a conversation with some experts in the field can give you a fair idea about the necessary training modules in the course. Make sure that when you learn a subject, you learn everything about it.


While it is not feasible to judge the faculty of an institute entirely based on their educational qualifications, you must ensure that the faculty comprises industry experts. This will ensure that you know about how Android development work is carried out in the real corporate scenario, the challenges involved and the ways of overcoming these challenges too.

Check for these features and get yourself into an institute that promises you with both knowledge as well as a bright career ahead.

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Choose Your Android Development Course Carefully

int_blog_academy,  Friday, March 25th, 2016

The present day world is driven by technology. Today, each and every business activities is executed with the aid of technology. Consequently, people who have their way with the different mobile operating systems and apps are in high demand in this competitive market. So, if you have a basic understanding of these systems and want to find yourself working as a successful developer, it is time that you enroll yourself for a recognized Android course in Kolkata. It is only through a certified course that you can both learn the subject as well as acquire the desired degree for getting a job in the field.

While there can be several educational bodies providing these technical courses, you have to stay careful while choosing one. Following are some of the considerations worth keeping in mind while deciding on a particular academy/institute.

The Faculty – The institute that you choose for taking part in the Android development course should have an experienced faculty of teachers. Unlike general courses where bookish knowledge is more valued, technical courses require industry knowledge. So, the faculty of this academy should have hands-on experience of working on Android and dealing with clients on a regular basis. These people can render you with practical information about how the projects are undertaken and this information will prove to be more valuable for you than anything that you read from a book in the long run.

Placement Guarantee – When you enroll yourself for a technical course, it is but obvious for you to do so with the intention of getting placed in a reputed IT company. Probe a little to find out where the students of the former batch from this institute have been placed. Go for an institute that educates you and then gives you enough opportunities to prove yourself in the real field of work.

Flexible Schedule – There is usually no age limit for enrolling for technical courses provided that you have the basic qualifications. In fact, you might be a working professional, wanting to expand your scope with a certification. So, always make yourself part of an institute that offers flexible schedule in the form of CD learning, evening classes and so on.

Keep these in mind and make the most of the Android development course.

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