7 Reasons Why Learning Internet Marketing is a Must for Career Boost in 2018

With digital revolution taking shape across the world, it’s pretty obvious that entrepreneurs are highly focused on it. The business visionaries have also estimated that internet marketing will have the brightest outcome in the upcoming years.  According to Mr.Abhishek Rungta, the CEO of Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a renowned name in the arena of Digital Marketing), internet marketing has become a highly evolving marketing medium. No doubt, the current scenario looks quite positive with internet marketing creating bigger platform for advertising and promotion.

Considering its evolving prospects, a number of youngsters are nowadays opting for a career in Digital Marketing. Today, a lot of the aspiring students get themselves enrolled in various training institutions to chase their dreams of pursuing a career in the field of online marketing and optimization, but, instead of learning some theory, it’s important to learn the tricks of trade. For this purpose, you need to get yourself a mentor instead of a simple training institute.

In the words of Mr. Rungta, “Digital marketing is a very creative career option. You need to have great analytical skill, ability to absorb and learn from your environment and surrounding, identify trends, read people and social behaviour, etc. You will need to market (communicate and promote a product / brand).”

Let’s see how the knowledge of internet marketing can result in a career boost this year.

1. The World is becoming More Digital With Every Passing Days

We can’t simply ignore the fact that most of our waking hours are spent online. Moreover, the number of people using platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn keeps growing year after year. With people getting more involved in the web space and businesses using it for advertising and promotion, it’s quite obvious that the online world is accounting for a bigger share of revenues each year.No doubt, it has propelled the growth of digital marketing as a discipline, which has opened up the market of the digital marketers.The concepts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management or social media strategies have gained momentum in the era of web/virtual marketing.The prospects in this field are expected grow further, which means that choosing a career in digital marketing is future proof.

2. It Improves Your Networking Potential

In this era, business is highly dependent on networking. But, networking now happens online, following the increasingly developing focus on world wide web.No doubt, that online networking potential makes a candidate highly demanding in the recent times. You need to keep in mind that marketing and networking are two different wings, though a few years before, both the concepts were uttered synonymously. While marketing is an act of promoting or selling, networking expands your customer base. And, a professional digital marketing course can help you learn the differences as well as the respective attributes.

When you sign up for a digital marketing course in Indusnet Academy, in addition to the lecturers and guest speakers who you can network with during the course and beyond, you also get to meet lots of other professionals who are currently working in the marketing industry or are looking to break into the digital marketing sector. Throughout, the duration of such a course, you’ll get to chat to these guys about your experiences and learn from theirs during your group activity work – but at the end, you’ll also end up having a whole new network of professionals who can act as a bit of a support network throughout your career.

3.Digital Marketing Course helps in Gaining Up-to-date Industry Knowledge

The classic education system does not provide individuals with professional know how. But, in the 21st century digital industries move relatively fast, which emphasizes the discrepancy between education and working more importantly. A traditional degree in ‘Marketing’ or ‘Communications’ may not teach you the practical skills in new and dynamic fields such as Social Media Marketing, Web analytics or SEO. On the contrary, a digital marketing course with its rapidly changing focus has already included latest insights into their curricula. Getting a certification in the digital fields teach you the practical skills employers desire and shows that you can ‘hit the ground running’ as a digital marketing professional.

The eminent thought leaders of Indusnet Technologies, who are also taking active part in disrupting the digital world of the recent times have admitted that the digital marketing courses help in providing practical knowledge in the areas of branding, social media, analytics, SEO and mobile and everything that are essential for developing quality user experience. Additionally, the latest knowledge that you will gain will improve your skillset, thus making you a potential candidate for bagging a promising job in the current industry.

Digital Marketing has arrived with a multitude of prospects in the recent times. Moreover, it has opened up multiple avenues for the jobseekers who are interested to explore the different arenas of marketing. If you are looking for the best internet marketing course in Kolkata, make sure that you get to learn it from the core.


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