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Advanced Java Script

Javascript is rightly called the language of the Web. Each newer browser version pushes the bar higher in terms of JavaScript execution speeds. This is an important performance parameter these days as sites make extensive use of JavaScript. JavaScript led the Web 2.0 revolution with AJAX. Using JavaScript, sites can send HTTP requests behind the scenes and customize or update certain sections of the site, tailored to a particular user’s needs. This does away with complete page refreshes and makes the user interface a lot more powerful and user friendly.

Eligibility Criteria

Basic knowledge in JavaScript.

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Course Outline (Module wise)

Module 1

  • Brief review of difficult JavaScript topics
  • Scope
  • Closures
  • Events, capture and bubbling

Module 2

  • Intro to jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Widgets (buttons, dialogs, etc.)
  • Implementing drag and drop UIs

Module 3

  • JavaScript and graphics
  • Raster graphics with Canvas API
  • Vector graphics with SVG and Raphael
  • Creating charts and graphs in HTML with gRaphael and dojox.charting

Module 4

  • More HTML5 APIs
  • Persisting data with local storage
  • Geolocation services
  • Future of AJAX/Comet with web socket
  • Background JavaScript tasks with web workers
  • Future of crossdomain messaging
  • Creating offline apps

Module 5

  • JavaScript software engineering techniques
  • The feature detection pattern & modernizer
  • Organizing code for large JS projects
  • Unit and functional testing
  • Testing of async interactions
  • Developing with JavaScriptMVC

Module 6

  • Real Life Project

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